What's the deal with stuff?

A 'oem*
I'm totally down with dudes.
Not like "down" ... but like - we're cool.
Dudes and bros.
(And brosephs and like brahs).
* - short for poem.

My new band is called Theraputic Restraint. You probably haven't heard of us.

This is a snippet from a real conversation I had this weekend:

ME: So - what kind of music have you been listening to lately?

HIM: A lot of Bruce Hornsby. And the song "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson.

That's pretty effing specific there. One artist and one song.
By the way - if you're not familiar with "Cliffs of Dover" it's a fret-tapping, instrumental blow-out. Check it out here.
Quick poll: has there ever been a worse answer to the question What music have you been listening to lately? My guess is no.

Unless someone just went and dropped the rare Bon Jovi/T-Pain answer on me.

And that answer, as hideous as it is to my ears, is fine. There's nothing wrong with Cliffs of Dover and Bruce Hornsby. The bro who said it is a good, good brah - a solid dude. I love him, even.