Time to move Dad into the home...

I feel confident in saying that the sitcom S#*! My Dad
ys is the worst sitcom in the rest-stop toilet bowl of television sitcoms. Other than The Office and 4 minutes of S#*! My Dad Says, I don't watch any television sitcoms and yet I'm still pretty damn sure that this is the bottom of the barrel.
It was like the generic "Awful Sitcom" you'd see a snippet of in a movie, a fake ad for a fake TV show - like the Jason Schwartzman sitcom "Yo Teach!" from the movie Funny People.

BACKGROUND (I'm not hating):
If you don't know, the story behind S#*! My Dad Says is that a twenty-something year old guy had to move back in with his parents. His dad is old and awesome and says kick-ass things. The guy posts said kick-ass things onto Twitter account... account becomes popular...dude signs a book and tv-show deal.
Here's one of my favorites:

You could call the family a sell-out but I promise you I'd sign up if CBS wanted to do a half-hour every week about my mass emails.

Who wouldn't tak
e the money? Get your money, son/Let's go!!/Stay on your grind - but this is bad.
The dialogue is horrible and the story is laughable and the punchlines are awful. To balance all that out, the acting is also gawd-awful.

Worst of all, William S
hatner is part of this Hot Garbage (not as popular a genre as Romantic Comedy) - tarnishing his name reading off of cue cards along with a half-MadTV cast in a show so awful it should be called Tyler Perry's S#*! My Dad Says.

I can hear just fine - I've just never heard of MadTV alright?!?!