Sketch of an email: the date

Sunday morning 8:39 AM

just wanted to say hey and that i had a good time last night. i also thought it was awesome that you didn't seem to mind my friends - they can be a bit much sometimes.
give me a ring if you want to hang out sometime this week.

Sunday afternoon 3:33 PM

Hey girl!
I just wanted to say hello and that I had a great time last night. You handled my friends well, I thought. Some people don't respond to those blunt, revealing rape discussions as well as you did last night. Sorry about that.

Sunday evening 8:22 PM

Hey. Last night was cool. I guess.
Listen - hope you weren't offended by my friends. But honestly they're my friends... I'm not going to just drop them because you're offended by certain subjects that they LOVE talking about OK?
Stop trying to change me.

PS: call me if you want to hang out this week.

Sketch of a joke: rising prices

I'm going to start blaming everything on gas prices.

"Kesler doesn't seem to be as racist lately...
...what with the gas prices these days."

"My leg is killing me...
...what with the gas prices these days."

"I saw a prostitute stumbling down the street this morning
...what with the gas prices these days."

Sketch of a sketch: the old man

There's an old man in this sketch. He's wealthy.
On his estate there's a minority - the old man isn't sure what kind of minority he is though. He cuts the grass and takes the trash out.

This landscaping minority has been working on the estate for 40 years and the old man still doesn't know his name.
As a recurring joke, the old man constantly fumbles with his employee's name and racial identity.
"Go tell Lamar to pull the car up front."
"Who sir?"
"Whatever his name is - the Indian man that cuts the grass."
"You mean Kenny sir. And he's from Central America."
"Whatever - I barely know him."
"He's given you a Christmas present for the last 14 years sir."

"I'm not so sure about that."
"He named his first born son after you sir."


Glenn Davis is a fancy, fancy boy.

Glenn Davis plays for the Boston Celtics.
They won the NBA Championship a few weeks ago.
What could be more badass than the way Glenn Davis chooses to celebrate with the trophy?