Information Bulletin!

Please, for the last time: I AM NOT DARNELL DOCKETT, Arizona Cardinals Defensive Lineman!

NOT ME!! The above photo is of Darnell Dockett - not me.

So I'm getting some boneless buffalo ranch chicken wings at Wendy's (I always eat at Wendy's on the road - it's been a tradition of mine for the last 36 years) when sure-enough, someone in line said to me "Hey Darnell Dockett - I didn't know you ate at Wendy's!"
To which I said
a). I'm not Darnell Dockett and
b). I ONLY eat at Wendy's motherf***er.

SCARY ISN'T IT??!? "I know I look just like Will Kiser but
I'm not - I'm Darnell Dockett."

That's me on the left (obviously) - I just couldn't break it to him that I wasn't actually Darnell Dockett. (And yes, we're standing in his garage).