We've got a man on the corner


I saw you on Saturday night but you didn't see me. At first.
Yeah you were standing there on the corner with your
popped-collar pink shirt yelling into your cell-phone about
how wasted you were the other night.
You knew it was annoying when you did it.
So don’t give me that “I’m calling the cops!” bullshit
when I “punch you in the fucking junk.”


"I swear on my girlfriend’s brass knuckles

that the following story is true."
While walking to work this morning
two Able-Bodied Vagrants walked by me.
One said to the other:
I haven’t said anything to him yet...

I’m just showing him with my actions.

I may have mentioned this before
and if so I apologize -
but please pass it along...
Unless you’re a black male – no facial hair.
It’s over with.
We’re done with it.