Why do Asian girls cry when they see Michael Jackson?

She's so hot -
it's not even funny.

Gawd! That movie is so terrible -
it's not even funny.

I waited so long for them to open up -
it's not even funny.

It's not sad, it's not happy. It's nothing -
it's not even funny.

Kathy Griffin: not even funny.

Man Man returns to Athens this weekend and I've been reduced to a screaming and crying middle school girl. Complete with my band t-shirt (2 sizes too big, sleeves rolled up) - clutching my Fan Club poster, tears running down red cheeks.
I love this band.

Getting ready for their show takes 5 days - thank g_d this wasn't one of those wacky Secret Myspace shows!! I wouldn't be able to attend.
To get into the right headspace for Man Man I've got to get my hands on:

_one bottle of whiskey (it doesn't matter the brand, it won't be drunk: it's for cleaning surgical tools)

_one pint* of peyote (not sure the unit of measurement for peyote, but whatever it is - I'm going to need enough to get 800 people "high")

_10 gallons of drinking water (2 gallons a day)

And that's just some of the materials-needed. In addition to that, I must go through strenuous stretching, power yoga, hot stone massage and intense meditation.

Go check them out online and bask in their FUN!