Sketch of a sketch: the old man

There's an old man in this sketch. He's wealthy.
On his estate there's a minority - the old man isn't sure what kind of minority he is though. He cuts the grass and takes the trash out.

This landscaping minority has been working on the estate for 40 years and the old man still doesn't know his name.
As a recurring joke, the old man constantly fumbles with his employee's name and racial identity.
"Go tell Lamar to pull the car up front."
"Who sir?"
"Whatever his name is - the Indian man that cuts the grass."
"You mean Kenny sir. And he's from Central America."
"Whatever - I barely know him."
"He's given you a Christmas present for the last 14 years sir."

"I'm not so sure about that."
"He named his first born son after you sir."