Sketch of an email: the date

Sunday morning 8:39 AM

just wanted to say hey and that i had a good time last night. i also thought it was awesome that you didn't seem to mind my friends - they can be a bit much sometimes.
give me a ring if you want to hang out sometime this week.

Sunday afternoon 3:33 PM

Hey girl!
I just wanted to say hello and that I had a great time last night. You handled my friends well, I thought. Some people don't respond to those blunt, revealing rape discussions as well as you did last night. Sorry about that.

Sunday evening 8:22 PM

Hey. Last night was cool. I guess.
Listen - hope you weren't offended by my friends. But honestly they're my friends... I'm not going to just drop them because you're offended by certain subjects that they LOVE talking about OK?
Stop trying to change me.

PS: call me if you want to hang out this week.