If you care about comedy... WEB-EDITION

"Get your mind right"

1). Gary Carter Raw - the best fake celebrity Twitter account in the history of fake celebrity Twitter accounts.
Here's an example of what you're getting on the reg from G.Carter Raw:

Will Clark once told me the best part about baseball was if you started
crying in the outfield people just thought you were sweating

Doug Drabek had a saying "ciggerettes and coffee go together like German techno music and ball gags" painted on the back of his Geo Tracker

This is only for people who are really serious about this comedy thing okay? I'm serious.
This section of Vice Magazine takes street fashion photos, all submitted by readers, and classifies them as either a Do or Don't, then writes a snide caption to go with the photo.
Peep this:
Making fun of redheads always seems weird and artificial outside of Britain, but combining it with that stupid emo swoosh and the tear-streaked mascara is just asking for trouble.