My Result: 100%

How LET'S GO!!!! are you?
You are without a doubt, LET'S GO!!!

1. Music favorites? Bieber, Ga-Ga or Motorhead?
ANSWER: Motorhead

2. Do you ever worry about not being able to compete with your peers?
ANSWER: What if you don't have peers?

3. Movie favorites? Black Knight, Friday After Next or Sleeping With The Enemy?
ANSWER: I don't have time to watch movies (too busy [Let's] Going{!}).

4. SCENARIO: Traffic is bad and it's starting to rain. Your boss was being passive aggressive at work and you miss your ex-girlfriend. Do you get discouraged and question the direction of your life? How do you handle it?
ANSWER: I pull off the road and drive up the shoulder to the next exit, while on the phone with my boss I tell him (over the crunching of the gravel and the police sirens) that I will no longer tolerate his attitude. If he doesn't like it then I will begin slowly destroying our office from the inside: stolen office supplies at first, then in-fighting amongst employees before culminating in a large-scale class action sexual harassment suit.
On my way home I stop at an Applebees and walk out with the hostess. Did I mention: LET'S GO!!!?????