Vin Diesel

An infrequent series of essays about ex-girlfriends and boyfriends.

I used to love him... Vin Diesel

The best of times:
Our weekly “Wrestlemania” parties. Sunday nights – right before Entourage! He always had to be the good guy. I’d make brownies afterwards. Pre-match showers were mandatory, post-match showers were encouraged.

The worst of times: The big fight. Someone (me) got a bit too competitive during one of our "Wrestlemania" parties and swung something (a fireplace poker) at someone (Vin Diesel). Someone (Vin Diesel) got a broken elbow. Then, because of the broken elbow someone (Vin Diesel) couldn’t be a part of the Kindergarden Cop remake. Then someone’s agent (you guessed it) recommended that a certain bald, bulky actor stop hanging out with a certain someone (you got it again).

Proudest moment: Being a guest on the red carpet for The Iron Giant.

Most embarrassing moment: Being barred from entering the post-screening party for Fast + Furious.

What I’ll miss most: Hanging out with his best friends, Good Charlotte.

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